Some books make a difference. I’ve had a favorite game for years; I’ll give a friend five minutes to pick the two volumes they’d take with them if they had to leave all the rest behind in an emergency. You can have an entire library, but if you had five minutes to pack, there would always be one or two that you’d shove to the bottom of your rucksack.
Sometimes the choices seem counter-intuitive. There have been some surprising choices. People do not always act to what you think is their type: one of my most hard-boiled friends chose Joyce’s Dubliners and a collection of poetry. Another emergency medical texts and the Bible. A third, more recently, showed me their iPad which, contained a complete small library – cheater!
Some people will go with the sentimental favorites, books they’ve had from the beginning. For others it’s practical foundational material. Everyone has a reason for the choice, but they may be unwilling to reveal them to you.
The books I always shoved to the bottom of my rucksack when I was on the road? A book on forestry – because I had dreams of being a timber cruiser ( the boy from the big city, right!), and a compilation of folksongs I liked. So, what would your choices be? Share them if you wish.

4 Replies to “Choice”

  1. That’s a very good question and I will start looking at my books more seriously. I think the books I would take are the books on how to write. I have an e-reader tablet so I have much there but you don’t often find reference books on audible or on e-reader version. Also a spiritual textbook. Not the bible. I have 6 bookcases of various subjects so I couldn’t take them all. ;(


  2. These are always fun, ‘which books would you take to a deserted island’ kind of scenario. Well, since I live overseas, I’ve had to make the hard choice. It was a book I wrote (the only copy I have) and a book called ‘poemcrazy’.

    But as an expat, I have a Kindle of course!


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