There is only about a week between the little Dutchman’s Breeches and the Trout Lilly. Its Spring in New England and time gets compressed. One day the Maples are flowering and making me sneeze. Then the next, I see the tree is full of small leaves.

I walk around every morning. My Bloodroot blossoms are almost gone by, but my Goldenseal is beginning. New England spring is not extravagant. Miss something today, and it’ll be a year before you see it again. Don’t waste time; Spring is fast.

2 Replies to “Fast”

  1. You are lucky to get spring at all…we seem to go from winter to wind to rain & then snow again with some sun in between.

  2. You’ve heard what they say about New England weather – if you don’t like it, stick around and it’ll change. Seems like you have a more extreme variant. I can see why you prefer Hawaii!

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