Obscure Runes

Doing shows, you get odd requests for work. For example, I received a commission to make custom runes for casting fortunes. The individual pieces needed to be of hand-hewn hand-carved ash. The ash came right out of the woodpile, and a froe was used to split it to the proper dimensions. So planed and carved it took little time to do, and I profited from the commission. I asked around at some shops specializing in occult paraphernalia if they’d be interested but got told that they got cheaper mass produced from China. End of the experiment.

6 Replies to “Obscure Runes”

  1. ‘mass produced from China’ **shakes head in disbelief** So there goes the joy of seeing the craftsman at a show and being able to say, “I have some pieces of your work!”

  2. “Want to see my hand carved by a skilled craftsman and artist collection of (runes or fill in anything)?”

    Or, “Want to see my cheap China made pile of fake (runes or …) I got at Walmart?”

    Carve on, Lou. 🙂 Love the pic.

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