“mmmeeeurrrrrruuuuu.” Ah, good, he’s left his desk and is walking to the stairs. “meeeeep, rowwwwwwr?” Come on, stupid you know I need a snack!
He’s at the head of the stirs – “Meeeeeeooop?” That’s it down the stairs – What a good boy!!
Well, I am waiting.

“Merrropp? Where is it, dunce?!!

I can’t believe it. He’s coming back up without the snack!

Maybe the book is right, and you do have to use the clicker to train them. Shit!

2 Replies to “Snack”

  1. Luna has me trained very well, to give two snacks before taking her medicine, to promptly place an extra pillow and her stuffies on the bed at night, to get up at 3 AM every day to poop under the moon, and to spend an half hour each trip to pet smart just “sniffing around”. Maybe we’ll meet some new friends in the process.

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