Avast there!

Just as a friendly reminder that today is Talk Like A Pirate Day. So go ahead and get your Arrghsss, and Aye Matey’s out of your system. You know you want to.

Remember that if you do it right…with feeling…you’ll be smart as paint, and Bristol fashion. Grab a bottle of the old Kill Devil Rum, and have a tot on old Morgan’s Chest.

And being that I be descended from men who went to plunder Panama City I’ll be especially observant! You see, my ancestors considered themselves to be Robin Hood’s of the Sea, Gentlemen of Fortune , and members of Republic of the Blue Ocean .

So have a toast for old Morgan, Anne Bonnie, and the Dread Pirate Roberts. Cheers!

“May your jib never luff

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  1. hahaha! ‘Aargh, Matey’ was the first thing I thought of. OK, the only thing I thought of. Wait a minute–I think the parrot wants to say something… 😆🦜

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