If you had a freeway billboard, what would it say?

The famous, and some would say infamous, P.T. Barnum owned a popular emporium of the absurd and mysterious in New York City. For a paid admission, one could see all the wondrous items he had gathered for the gullible and easily led. In fact, it was too famous. Once inside, people refused to leave, and no more could enter. Seeing this as a cramp in his ability to make money, Phineas T chanced upon a solution. Near the rear of the exhibition, he placed a large sign and arrow. It read: This way to the EGRESS. Assuming that it was the next fantastic object to be viewed, people streamed through the door only to find themselves on the street. Seeing so many go through the door others followed. Want to get back in? Pay another admission.

I think a Freeway sign is needed for this society: this way to the EGRESS . We need to get off the particular highway to hell we seem to be driving on. And do a serious reset.

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    1. A trip to the arts district in Burlington, Vermont provided the images. The elites have yet to drive the artists out of the lofts and factory buildings in town.

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