Wild Thing

Do you believe in fate/destiny?

Chaos. That’s what life with a cat can be unless we are talking about the order they wish to impose on the household – dinner precisely at five PM, being able to sleep in the crook of your arm at four AM, and let’s not forget the time you are expected to be up for breakfast. Otherwise than that, chaos.

Reading an article just the other day, I was informed that cats have, in the framework of domestication, just been tamed. Dogs have been around for almost ever, but the cat just wandered in last week looking for mice and a cozy place to sleep. My cats informed me of this years ago. “Get used to it; we are wild animals.” Then they remind me that they have domesticated humans and, only more recently, dogs.
They permit small indignities for the sake of altruism. We are, after all, just glorified can openers. Ah, destiny.

8 Replies to “Wild Thing”

  1. You have it. The dogs can put up with a late breakfast but the cats are up on the roof over my bedroom door, protesting!!!

  2. LOL! Yep –but how embarrassed most cats get when they let on to how much they actually like-us-just-because! They have to give themselves a full bath to get rid of the ookiness, then, but we know!

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