A Delivery

Daily writing prompt
What notable things happened today?

What happened? The UPS truck is coming! He always leaves a biscuit for me. Oh, and a package for someone, but that’s not important. Those Post Office people, FedEx, and Amazon folks are dismal failures. How can they come to my house and be so rude!

Dog biscuits? What about some Greenies, Bursts, or Friskies Party Mix? Something with a bit of glamour for a cat. Get with it, you delivery people.

Cats Rule!

10 Replies to “A Delivery”

  1. Life just isn’t fair. I didn’t even know that there were cat treats and I’ve had from one to five cats for the past 22 years. Kukla and Ollie thank you, Uncle, Lou, for sending their mom out in search of them.

    1. H.I.M Xenia feels that it’s part of her imperial duties to enlighten the human masses. As I was writing the post she was enjoying a lovely “Tenzie” of Bursts, not as superior as Greenies, but quite adequate for a morning snack. Regards are sent to Kukla and Ollie!

  2. What is with those delivery people?! Not even a little rap on the window to acknowledge that I am scrutinizing their every move? “Afraid of a little hissing, you babies?!” 😼

    1. She feels that any deference to the dog is automatic Lèse-majesté to the imperial presence, and needs immediate correction. She assumes that Catorce would understand; humans just don’t get it!

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