A Real Estate

Featuring exquisite harbor views, this modest fixer-upper will be no mere dalliance for the person who wants a serious venue to entertain in style.


Temporarily homeless, the Jones' boat was the best I could do. Spinney had promised to shift me to something more suitable ASAP. But for now, I was "boat sitting" for the Jones family, and they had allocated the dusty forward berth for the sitter.

Up In Smoke

My favorite time at the tidepool was the change of tides. But my repose was marred by the acrid stink of a cigarette.


The Gray Menace's nemesis slunk away into the woods, once again inadequate.

A Seaman’s Primer

My maritime education began at about age nine as I started to assist my father on jobs aboard the large party fishing boats in New York's Sheepshead Bay


As a folksinger, I had to perform some odd gigs. At the coffeehouses, you knew what to expect at two in the morning from the drunks.