Art according to Xenia H.I.M, Empress of all she surveys:

The remarkable consensus among cats is that they invented great art. Humans merely did a monkey see, and monkeys do routine in admiration of the feline example. 

Kittens do roister about, but adult cats inherit an elegant poise from the feline mistress of creation. This model inspired the dramatic arts of ancient Greece, the might of the Sphinx, poetry, and great literature. 

Now it is true that cats did not invent all art, only great art. As my cousins in Florida, Canada, England, and Virginia agree, melodrama is an invention of dogs. I mean, watch them piteously roll about seeking the affection of those pathetic humans. With those great carbuncles of noses, only a human could love them. Hummphhh!

Well, it’s time for the mid-morning snack, TTFN!

With great thanks to Lois for promting this post!

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