Beany and Cecil

Daily writing prompt
If you could bring back one dinosaur, which one would it be?

Some muses can take us around the corner to the absurd, like choosing a dinosaur that you’d like to see around today. I cogitated on this for a bit. Not a velociraptor, uh uh. and definitely not a Tyranosaur. The vegetarian dinos would eat up the grass and scare the dog. So I was a bit at a loss for an answer. Then I recalled the very early years of my misspent childhood when I’d be plopped in front of the TV to watch cartoons. My mind went back to an old cartoon show called Beany and Cecil. Beany was a little boy who had outrageous adventures with his friends on a small vessel called the Leakin’ Lena. Cecil, Beany’s buddy, was a friendly sea monster.
So there we have it. What could be more fun than a friendly sea monster?I’m posting a link to an old Beany and Cecil cartoon. It’s old, corny, and not up to modern standards, but when I watch it, I am reminded of how much pleasure it gave me when I was young.

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