Train of Thought

Daily writing prompt
Describe one of your favorite moments.

Here is the prompt: Describe one of your favorite moments. Wait, what’s that noise? The dog is going crazy…it’s my wife getting home from work.

You can’t blog all the time. You’ll lose sight of other important things in life, like relationships. So what could be the harm in getting up and giving her a fond “good morning, dear!” before returning to my latest magnum opus?

The cat now insists she is ready for “second breakfast” at ten AM. OK, another brief break won’t hurt. As soon as I leave the office, Max ( AKA “the Hound”) reminds me that he needs to go out. So I grab my honey give her a squeeze and a kiss, and I’m off to feed the cat, who is yowling at me.

While I’m down here I might as well grab a cup of coffee.

I put the food down for the cat, but she is now by the door and wants to help the dog chase a chipmunk who has stupidly gotten under a small wood pile. Out, she runs as I open the door to call the dog. I chase them inside and watch in frustration as the Hound gets to the cat’s bowl before she does (“Exercise makes me hungry, Dad!). The cat now needs more food.
I trudge up the stairs and encounter my honey drying her hair and wanting to discuss dinner. I am almost knocked over by the cat and dog running up the stairs behind me.

At last, I am back in the office. I doubt that there will be any more problems. Let’s see, the day’s prompt was to describe one of my favorite moments. But I’ve lost my train of thought and must go to the bathroom.