Favorite Words

Personality tests. I hate them. Someone asks, “Lou, what is your favorite word?” and I choke. What if I answer garbanzo bean instead of prevaricate? Maybe I throw a curve and go for topological?

Instead, I ask: do you mean the word that I savor and roll across my tongue in a semi-lustful joy before precisely pronouncing it to a startled world? Or the word I guard because its use is either precious or pernicious?

Perhaps you mean the four-letter Anglo-Saxon word I am about to use as I denounce appalling attempts to commit to a favorite when so many good choices exist? You know those words get a bad rep in our day. But, after all, they are so flexible, expressive, and appropriate for many occasions.
They are also so damn easy to spell, unlike others that need spell-checking all the time.

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  1. I have some favourite idioms that I can think of. But favourite words? I really can’t pin one down. Maybe it’s just a Bridge too Far 😉

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