Daily writing prompt
What’s your definition of romantic?

It’s damn unlikely to change! Go ahead and convene a Blue Ribbon panel on it. Print a sizeable multi-volume report. Go ahead; you won’t change anything. It’s Romance—the single ( in my reasoning) biggest reason for relationships going south.

For some odd reason, he thinks snuggling up on the loveseat watching the Celtics while eating Cheato’s is romantic, and she prefers the Lava Channel’s Mud Wrestling World Championship. It’s a gap too wide to be bridged. She feels indignated about the whole thing – when they were courting, he said he loved the jello and mud wrestling. But after three years, the Celtics lured him away with the fast action, the noise of the crowd, and the after-game analysis. He is indignant because she has implicated his favorite sports team as alienating his affection. How dare she! 

The court-ordered counselor has suggested a reset to their preferences, a reconfiguration, or a reset to romantic behavior. Perhaps a neutral sport they can both learn to love; cricket? Bocce? Maybe pickleball?

She tackled the counselor, using some of the moves she had seen in mud wrestling, and he cheered from the sidelines. The reconciled couple walked away arm in arm.

I guess I’m lucky. My wife and I can be romantic, watching the fire together while I massage her feet or sit together peacefully reading. With our schedule so out of whack, a brief hug has to stand in for a more extended make-out session. I still remember what makes her ticklish, and my fingers can find their way to the vulnerable locations with quiet precision. She grabs my hand, and we embrace, slowly feeling like one.

Yes. It’s Romance when it’s right; it’s sweet.