Daily writing prompt
What motivates you?

There is a lot of wiggle room on the concept of motivation. That may be because different motivations hold primary sway in various spheres of life. In other words, it might be complex. That’s why the cheap personality test question, “What motivates you?” is a rather crude measure. 

If I create goods for sale at a crafts show, I am powerfully motivated by my desire to make money. But each spoon is an individual item of craft, and I’m inspired to create an esthetic pleasure in sight and function beyond just cash value. It can be hard to tease apart motivation like this into parts. Also, I wasn’t exactly sitting at the spa while creating a complex carving like an eagle or a ship portrait. I had to carefully plan, cogitate, and rework things that weren’t right. It’s hard to put a monetary value on all things. This may be why some art and craft items never go to market or do so with reasonably hefty prices.

I’m certainly not making money off my blog, so there goes any monetary interest in publishing. Yes, I’ve written as a journalist and worked as a newspaper editor for cash, but making money isn’t a thing with the blog. Exploration is, though.

My motivation for the blog is to explore concepts, emotions, and history. I’ve had an unordinary life – not extraordinary – just unordinary. It’s left me with lots to ponder and explore. So my motivation here is exploration and understanding. Into the mixture, I throw an appreciation for the absurd, a dash of bitterness, lots of bewilderment, love, and no small degree of questioning. It’s a bit of an astringent brew sometimes.
So, my life, loves, and interests form the feed stock of this blog. Not a simple one-word answer to “What is your motivation.”

We are not single-note singers; the world and you are complex. Do not allow yourself to be reduced to a simple formula. Resist.

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