Relax Your Mind

Daily writing prompt
Do lazy days make you feel rested or unproductive?

For years, I did various boat shows and occasional craft shows. All these happen on weekends when most people are relaxing. But of course, as enjoyable as they were, I was working. The show visitor sees you relaxing in your booth. But you are nursing the aching back from a Thursday afternoon set up for a Friday, Saturday, and Sunday show. Or perhaps you are attempting to figure out how to pack all your stuff on Sunday. These are the endearing thoughts running through your heart while waiting for Mr. Moneybags to stroll along, buy out your entire stock, and allow you to head over to the stage and listen to that Beatles tribute band.

About now, you may be suspecting that I do not miss that drudgery. Well, yes and no. I do not miss all the packing in and out, foolish people who think that any price is negotiable, and desperately needing to go to the bathroom with no one to attend to the booth – none of those I miss. But the interesting people you meet and the companionship of other sellers, yes, that I miss. 

It’s hard to break free of the activity cycle of doing shows. If you are a crafter or an artist, when you are not selling, you are making. Fall behind in the creative activities, and you have nothing to sell at a show. Frequently, your craft or art is a part-time business or avocation, meaning that while others relax and nap in the hammock, you are sketching designs, carving, or procuring materials for your work.

Even if you are not doing shows, there is a nagging voice saying why are you doing nothing? You should be in the shop or working on those new designs. I spend time convincing myself that I deserve the time off and that it helps me recharge my creative energies. I may have learned it in a seminar or workshop on relaxation. Sometimes I even believe it.