What’s your favorite holiday, tipple? Wassail, red wine or white, Eggnog with a kick of brandy? Perhaps you are a hot spiced cider fan? It hardly matters. It’s all in the company we keep, or currently – can’t keep. Zoom, Facetime, or Skype calls are fine, but the holidays were not about wine or tipple; they were about the company of friends at concerts, tree lightings, and dinner parties. The Christmas dinner and game nights when old rivalries are revived, and siblings recall holiday shenanigans past.

I make most of my living as a videographer. So last night, I began editing together snippets of old holiday video. I’ll share it with family and friends. In the video, my children are fifteen years younger. The dog and cat are “supervising” the tree decoration. The cat jumps at the train running under the tree. And all that is old seems new again.

As bad as the current situation seems, it will pass. A favorite professor was a former Royal Navy officer who introduced me to the old toast: To Absent Friends. So as you drink your favorite drink this holiday toast to absent friends and family, may we all be reunited soon.

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  1. That video work sounds like fun!

    Nothing like getting the family together for a walk in the crisp Christmas air and finishing at the pub for a mulled wine and a good old chat.

  2. To quote Maroon 5:
    Here’s to the ones that we got
    Cheers to the wish you were here, but you’re not
    ‘Cause the drinks bring back all the memories

  3. I like all festive tipples, although the idea of egg nog doesn’t really appeal. Hot eggy milkshake: ugh. That said, I’m in one of my alcohol-free phases right now and I haven’t drunk for just over a month. I’m quite enjoying how I’m feeling so I’m just going to carry on and see how I go.

    1. I just read your most recent post about the tiers system. I only wish ours was so simple. There are a checkerboard of state and local plans. Too bad we don’t respond to catnip like Louis does.

      1. Oh, trust me, our system is a mess. Tier 2 means we can only go for a drink in the pub if we buy a substantial meal, yet there’s no guidance regarding what a “substantial meal” actually is. Our local pub relies on regulars who stay for extended drinks and they’ve said it’s actually not worth their while to open under these circumstances and they’d be better off in Tier 3. 😕

  4. I just read your 8ball post and there was no comment section so I worked my way backward. You tell the best stories. Always relatable to anyone. You had me thinking here. I, at one time loved eggnog and brandy for the holidays. A glass of any color wine was fine with dinner after cooking the large meal. As a good German beer seems to come for more relaxed moments. But I don’t make a habit of drinking alone so there is no one around with which to tipple. On the occasions of expanded coughing spells, I do imbibe in a jigger of Jagermeister. Does the trick every time. 😉 It’s not tippling then. It’s medicine. 😉 Age and arteries have rendered eggnog a non option. Have a great weekend, Lou.

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