Mall Frenzy

It is Black Friday, the day following Thanksgiving here in the “States.” But there is no reasonable way I’d ever include the sort of sappy cyber version in the definition of Black Friday. No, it has to be the full tilt buggy expression of sheer madness, sharpened elbows, flailing feet, and desperate anticipation of combat for the last Voodoo Doll available. No frenzy, no Black Friday.

If one were to ascertain – discover with certainty – why recently there have been decreased mortality and fewer emergency calls at the malls, it would be due to “doorbusters” going cyber. Of course, the current pandemic has also taken the shine off this particular apple.

It is with great pleasure that my friend Bill and I plan to create a virtual Black Friday game for Oculus and other Virtual Reality platforms. DoorBusters will bring back the real insanity of a Black Friday on ‘roids. Starting at the mall entrance, you fight your way through to the big score. Along the way, you knock out crazy cart lady in stiletto heels, annihilate Biker Dude with chains, walk over Grannie with a sword cane, and terminate Todd King of foot crushers. Available soon for Christmas purchase and delivery!

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