To quote the old Mickey and Sylvia song, "Love is strange." There is no ordinary on that carousel, and sometimes you need to jump off before the music ends. That's how it was for one summer entanglement that I had in Boston.


OK. This is it. Yesterday fellow blogger Mason Bushell, and I discussed writing stories about throwing verbal bombs. If you are out there pardner come on out and meet me in the street... I'm calling' ya out! Reach for that keyboard!


Spinney, a dedicated deacon in his church, took the old testament injunction to heart: “You shall not muzzle an ox while it treads out the grain.”


Bill insisted that he had thought of this one himself. He called it Corticimancy - telling the future from pieces of bark.

The Desk

We visited a cluttered tool store: Captain Tinkham's Emporium. The store is a sort of tool Mecca for woodworkers. Looking for a set pf feathering planes for fairing out lapstrake planking? Try the Captain's.