We’d hit the road, move on down, head out, wander, go looking for the elephant, visit, or relocate. We did not go on a trip. That was something straight people did. But, of course, straight people meant something different most times back then than it does now.

No, we did not go on a trip, although we did occasionally trip. But in general, people I hung with were not trippy – if you know what I mean.

We liked linear travel along a road. Lord knows there were enough trippy things happening in real life, and we wound up in enough places that were off the beaten track to be able to say, “Wow, that was a trip.”
But no, we weren’t trippy, nor did we take a trip in the middle-class sense of the word.
Life was not conventional.

Back to bed?

This was a “whatever” morning. I got up, found out that the greenhouse heater was in failure, dragged the replacement out, got coffee, and sat down to write. What am I going to write…gee, I don’t know…whatever?

In anycase, I have enough time to write another post or two, but maybe I’ll wait until the caffeine kicks in and I’m not quite in a whatever mood.
Maybe I should just go back to bed?

The Rainy Day By Season

A Rainy day takes on different meanings depending on the time of the year:
A rainy day means time away from the garden during the summer – a day without weeding.

The same day can be a dreary reminder of a fading season during the Fall.

During the winter, a rainy day offers the possibility of an icy road.

But, oh, during the spring, it brings forth smells of the garden, and possibilities of green prospects, and a burgeoning future.

I guess you know which is my favorite.

Little Mistakes

Opposites attract like oil mixes with water. Don’t be fooled into thinking that great relationships lurk in someone opposite your Zen meditativeness. Dear lord! A type A+++ personality matched with someone who meditates on falling cherry blossom petals?

It’s time to question pop wisdom, get a new star chart, and go for the laid back. Yes, they ignite your desire. But when they bring the broom round on Saturday morning to clean the house, you’ll wish that you’d married someone who’d let you sleep in.

Careful. These are expensive missteps.

X-Ray Vision

My wonky right eye has caused no end of trouble for me. However, I do celebrate that I have vision in it at all. A routine visit to the ophthalmologist years ago came up with a macular hole in the offending eye. While surgery closed the hole, saving the eye, it left my vision just a bit cockeyed. To most, it wouldn’t be noticeable, but I am a carver and a videographer. The adjustments to my life have been nothing short of major. I have had to learn to carve and do many shop tasks in new ways. In video, I have made sure that I check everything twice.

Jokingly, as they put me under for surgery, I asked if they could give me the X-ray vision add-on. My surgeon laughed. To date, I am waiting for that feature to kick in. OOOH, x-ray vision!!!


Pinning your hopes, pinning the blame, or pinning down your fate. It’s just that sooner later, everything comes unpinned and loose because the nature of life is to move, and pinning it down is only a short-term fix. Learn early. Learn well, and don’t hope too much for a life all nicely pinned down.


Luck? It’s not trustworthy. Depend on it and lose. Exclude it and miss out on great serendipity.
So there’s the rub. It’s not like your are some ancient making a sacrifice to Fortuna.
No, your friends keep the fuzzy dice at hand, and behind the computer, you keep the Magic Eightball. So no superstition or luck is involved at all.
Is there?

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