Cat About Town

Better known as Clancy, the grey devil cat, or the Gray Menace, he was twenty pounds of lean muscle. The photo shows a softer, more sophisticated side of Clancy J. Bumps. Here he is pictured with one of his inamorata’s.
Clancy was hell with four clawed paws when piqued, but loyal to those he appreciated. He was not an average cat. Capable of scaring cats into running rapidly away. He had a softer side.
Clancy had numerous male cat friends and several female associates. He is entertaining in our apartment one evening in the photo, grooming one of his regular female companions.
It’s sad to say, but around the time this picture was taken in 1978, Clancy was having better luck with girlfriends than I was. Perhaps it was his sophisticated pickup technique ” Here, let me groom you a bit.”, or ” Come up to my place, my chef will prepare some roast beef for us.”
His favorite meal was half a roast beef sub. Hold the pickles, but don’t forget the hots! Afterward, there was nothing as extraordinary as a good catnip toot. Make sure that you let him sleep it off, or there’d be an awful ruckus.

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    1. The other half was all mine, but if he finished first he’d try to guilt-trip me into giving him more, and I was a svelte 160 pounds…oh those were the days!

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