You may have a friend who likes to bask in the glow of a personal or idealized past; I do. Let’s see hitching rides in the rain with a hole in the sole of one shoe; squish squish to Boston. Owning one blanket, and the girlfriend who is staying over is a blanket hog; so romantic. These experiences come to my mind when people bring up their youth’s golden days. Halcyon, my left big toe!

Perspective is important. Yes, I miss the friends I had at the Folkie Palace on Grove St. And, I miss living in coastal Maine.  But…

Gordon Bok once pointed out that the most critical word in his song The Hills of Isle Au Haut was the word but. But I have something else that has to get done. But what happened afterward was avoidable, but…

Bathing in Halcyon Glows presents dangers to your mental health. You spend less time improving the present and future while gilding the past. You go like a lamb to a shearing. Memory can be a valuable escape when needed or an opiate. 

As my old friend Bill put it, ” Ya gotta learn when to let the joint pass by you.” Learn to have the past abide near, but not master you.

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  1. There is always a ‘but with everything. I admit my past masters me and I cannot change it. This was an interesting thought-provoking post, well done.

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