Estates have grounds; the rest of us have yards, lots, gardens, woods, and such. It’s been since grad school that I had someone mention caring for the grounds. So for most of us, it’s plant the lawn seed, watch the maple seeds flutter to the ground, and in two weeks sprout, and beat the snot out of the newly sown grass. Unfortunately, without a gardener to keep the estate, things can tend towards the sloven, weedy mess that I have. Specifically, the weed I deal with is catnip.

However, H.I.M. Xenia ( please add a long list of titles here) is pleased. Catnip now grows in every nook and cranny, except the woodland garden. It eagerly cohabits with the tomatoes, shoves more restrained plants aside, and is now the most common plant on the lot. H.I.M. likes it this way. She goes out and is never too far from a potential catnip toot. Roll in it? How gauche, bathe in it. For Xenia, this is the ideal estate, and I am supposed to be the groundskeeper. Hmmm.
I pull it as often as I can when she is not around. But it just comes back up from the abundant seed scattered around the garden. So how does it get there? H.I.M. rolls in it and spreads the seed.
Got a dandelion problem but eschewed chemicals? Try catnip. Catnip will choke common garden weeds right out!
Got a catnip problem? Sorry, I can’t help you.

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