Pre Game Show

It starts about half an hour before the morning or evening feeding times, and we call it the pre-game show.
Her Imperial Majesty Xenia is the usual instigator; the operatic entreaties start on the staircase where the hard surfaces amplify the lovely alto cast of her yowls. She then comes downstairs, collecting her comrade in arms, Samuel Tiberius Carreras (named after Captain Kirk). The two purposely head towards the kitchen, where any other traffic comes to a standstill thanks to a large dog blocking the path and a cat bobbing between ankles. Xenia yowls demanding sustenance ” noooooowwwww.”
Both cast their gaze upwards at the wall clock.
With the attention paid to the clock, we are sure that they have figured out when feeding time is. But the pre-game show is always about half an hour in advance. The routine is always the same, “it’s too early! go away.” They retire to the living room to regroup. “nooooeeewwww.” At this point, Sam adds his signature low rumbling growl – ” Yeah. What she says!” By this time, another glance at the clock shows that they are almost on time for dinner. Sam uses his body to block access to anything other than the cabinet holding their food. Xenia jumps up onto the countertop and begins actively accusing you of pet abuse.
At this point, whichever human is in the kitchen concedes defeat and fetches bowls and food.
Always remember who the boss is.

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