Bad Juju

I tried explaining it in simple terms any anthropologist should understand, “messing with his toys is bad juju.” Zack continued to pull the stuffed seal toy out of the Grey Menace’s paws. Clancy held on gently, allowing his forelegs to be pulled forward, his eyes intent on watching Zack. ” come on, Lou, I’ve heard so much about this guy’s terrible attack frenzies. I’m curious if the rumors are true.” Clancy released the toy and started grooming himself. He appeared supremely indifferent to the fate of his favorite toy.
In the interests of prudent caution and pragmatic self-interest, I had warned Zack.
There was some controversy in the department about the Grey Menace’s possible divine ancestry as a descendant of Hachiman, a Japanese deity venerated by warriors. Others just said he was a bloody pawed cat; The Menace kept his counsel on this and just licked his paws.
Some hours later, having avoided any retribution Zack and his date readied to leave the party. On his way out the door, he was heard to say, ” Just a pussy cat Laverne, just as I told you.”
The cries of pain began; Zack bent over, clutching his badly scratched calves. Wearing shorts to this party had not been a great idea. The Menace was seen exiting a room on the far side of the apartment; all innocence. The disinfectant was being slathered on Zack’s wounds, and he glared at the cat, who was eagerly cleaning what suspiciously looked like blood from his paw. Finally, he walked up to Laverne, rubbed seductively against her leg, and spared one dismissive glance towards Zack.
Several of my friends were deep in conversation – ” definitely Hachiman, the ability to form the strategy, delay the attack until favorable conditions develop, and then dominate the enemy; classic.”
In other words, messing with a deity is bad juju.

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