I carve wood; some people carve bone, soap, and artificial substances that mimic illegal Ivory. The little face in the photo above was carved from an apple by a folk artist who visited the folklife center I used to run. The little apple figure she gifted me started a spate of apple carving around the house. Running up to Halloween, my kids were just old enough and responsible enough to wield a serrated edge knife against a cored apple. Soon, they created a display of shrunken heads that looked very real; witches and some unflattering portraits of parents.
I bring this up because, in many areas, apples are ripening. So there are always “drops” and fruit that won’t be suitable pie or fruit bowl. On the other hand, carving apple heads might be a fun fall activity. Core the fruit first, and stuff the cavity with something absorbent and a wire armature. Then, go ahead and carve, but remember that too fine detail will be lost as the apple dries out. Also, please don’t leave the absorbent material in the center of the cored apple so long that it molds.
This little apple head has to be thirty years old. The effect is made with the addition of the little blue eyes. Have fun.

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