Listening to Lucrezia, you’d learn that her family was a long line of scryers and clairvoyants. Not mere Tarot readers or palmists. Now, this was a long time before Salem became flooded with occult shops offering incantations, cantrips, and paraphernalia. Lucrezia told you right out front that her methods were the surviving remnant of the lore that had been available to her great-great-grandmother. Of course, not everything got passed down, but enough remained that her vision of the future could be 20/20.
“No, the problem is seeing the past accurately. Where you have stepped in your life determines the path that you choose. The future is tethered to your past. We are not free agents floating in the breeze. Your life is inscribed on neurons, not determined by the aether. Our past is our future unless we take dramatic action or have it taken for us.”
Taking her crystal out of the velvet bag, she began her readings of my girlfriend and me. Every few minutes, she’d ask intelligent questions of us regarding our lives. Then, finally, she read our futures in the form that was more advice and counsel than forecast.

After the reading was over, my girlfriend, very interested in the occult, asked Lucrezia how she had prepared for her career, which books she had read, and preferred methods. Lucrezia stopped her and said: ” Dear, first you need to understand that I had the lineage in my family for this. My mother and grandmother trained me. Then there was my double major in anthropology and psychology, with some theatre arts courses at Boston University. So you can’t just read some screed and gaze into a crystal!”

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