Attack of the clone kittens

When he had time to sire this bunch I don’t know. But they seem to be identical to the “cute” Gray Menace, my cat from 1969 until he ascended to cat heaven in the mid ’80’s.

Shot in 1980 these adorable kittens haven’t come into the menace part of their inheritance, yet, just the cuteness stuff. But like their ancestor Clancy AKA the Gray Menace soon the desire for O negative blood will appear and mayhem ensue.

If I need a remembrance of what he looked like when young and still innocent I just have to watch this commercial

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    1. It was a quiet Christmas for the most part. On the 23rd the oven went wonky and semi-destroyed the Poppyseed bread. We wound up doing one of those spiralized precooked hams. Not bad.
      My wife says she can cook the beef roast in her Instant Pot. The important thing is that everyone was healthy and happy. I hoe your Christmas was good – are you home or still on the road!
      Best Regards,


  1. Adorable. By the time they become juvenile delinquents, they’ve already forged a place in your life and in your heart, though, and that’s fine by me. (Although I only have one – more than that might be a challenge.)

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