The Zone

Out of the Comfort Zone? Well, that’s like stepping into the Twilight Zone, isn’t it, or maybe going beyond the Outer Limits? Right? That’s just about what it feels like to me. My most recent expeditions beyond comfort still raise a slight shudder when I recall them.
I had to upgrade an entire stack of servers in the small television station I manage. Now to be clear, I’m a great videographer ( if you don’t pat yourself on the back, who will?) and a competent manager. But an IT person? Don’t push your luck.
That day though, I sat in the station running the upgrades. It all seemed to be going well, and I relaxed. Then I discovered that some had taken, but not others. Panic started to set in, and I had to go back over the ones that hadn’t worked and redo my work. It couldn’t be that easy, could it?

About three hours later, I staggered forth, feeling that I should swagger just a bit but sincerely hoping that the next time upgrades needed to be run, I could be far away or finally retired.

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