Bring back this post from June 2019 as a flashback, and yes I am still looking for her!

The last time I saw her was in August of ’75. She wore Oregon Buff and Bikini Blue, and was swinging casually at her mooring in the Townsend Gut.
Last night I dreamed that I was entering her cabin from aft in the galley, and just before the main accommodation hung the two hand-carved portraits of her sailing wing on wing before a wood grained wind.
I was reasonably new to carving then, and that degree of mastery was beyond me. Somehow whenever my memory finds my way back to those portraits, I find my way back to Psyche. The portraits were the inspiration that led me to boat and ship portraiture as my principle carving interest.
If anyone knows where she is, please let me know. I left a chunk of my heart with her: Thirty-four-foot wooden ketch with a drop keel, sweet lines, and beautiful sheer; has a bit of a weather helm…but, nobody’s perfect.

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  1. I looked online for some time; there were a lot of Calif. PDFs I skipped downloading. Oddly, tho, as soon as I saw the name “Psyche,” I felt I’d seen it somewhere. It likely means nothing, but Perkins Cove sprang to mind. Apart from that, some descriptors (to a neophyte like me who has no idea what the boat may look like!) led to offcenterharbor (dot) com’s “Jester.” You might have fun or maybe find potential carving clientele there — if you haven’t already. Anyway, I hope you find Psyche again.

    1. She may still be in home waters, but name changes, changes in rigging, and registration complicate the search. Still, someday I’ll wander into a boatyard, and I’m confident she’ll be there.

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