Nip Season

Everything is growing well. Soon there will be flowers – cat hashish- and I’ll roll about in feline paradise. Father has refused to get rid of the weeds he calls food and allow the nip to grow wild. The ninny pulls young plants as weeds!

I guess he doesn’t realize that nip is the most perfect drug, I mean digestive aid, in the universe. It was a God-given gift. Yes, in her feline perfection, she gave the nip to all cats, great and small.

Humans have no taste. But this is not a bad thing. I’d hate to have to share with him. Vintage nip is too good to waste on two-legged nincompoops.

Let’s see. Who’s on my Catmass list for the holiday distribution to cousins?

5 Replies to “Nip Season”

  1. Our mom gets the dried stuff for us. Fresh herbs for her cooking, but dried stuff for us. We don’t get it! 🙀😾

    1. Xenia thinks it’s criminal to have to rely on the dried stuff, when “vintage” nip can be grown on the windowsill – report this mistreatment of cats to the proper authorities!

      1. Xenia considers her advice to be part of her imperial duty to fellow felines. So sad. Humans are soooooo poorly trained…give them civilization, cats to comfort them, and look at the mess they make!

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