I’m innocent I tell you! It’s all their fault. They were the ones who watched the Great Escape on Netflix. I just thought those motorcycle scenes were hot. Soooooo now they have a lead on me and are calling me things lie “Cooler King”, and threatening to put me in the “Cooler” which they say is the little downstairs bathroom.

I ask you! is this fair? All I did was take a run through the woods. OK, it was the third time this week, but I was pretty good most of the rest of the week! Except for the trash can, grabbing the cream cheese and licking the butter. Maybe a few other things.

The cat has agreed to join the Escape Committee. Funny? I didn’t think she liked me. But she agreed to direct the tunneling activity. She says her computer skills are good enough that she can forge documents that should see me on my way to Canadian border. I asked if I can go there and get back in time for dinner. She made some funny noises that sounded a lot like those dad makes when he thinks something is funny.

The cat told me that she won’t go “under the wire” with me. She says she’ll stay and make a diversion to keep them occupied while I escape. I really made a mistake in not realizing what a great sister she was.

The sun is still shining and the cat says I should wait till it goes down. I start digging tonight.

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