We talk about work/life balance, relaxation, purpose, and being centered. People dabble in it like a hobby, but it’s just another business for writers, publishers, workshop leaders, and Tik Tok Influencers.
We are a nation of crazes, manias, and attempts. Attempts to rectify our chakras, be holistic, create a successful business, or bring peace to our family through religion. It’s the one element that’ll tie it all together.
Having grown up on TV, tabloid news and educational systems that pass people on to be someone else’s problem, our ability to view reality is a bit compromised.
Maybe you’ve heard of critical thinking, but it’s not too big with the crazes and manias that sweep our social, religious, political, and cultural interests.

I need that fix now! Because in the words of the immortal Howard Beale, “I’m mad as hell, and I’m not going to take it anymore!”

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    1. Damm! you wouldn’t want people to apply critical thinking to the drivel that Tucker drools out, do you!!! My God! The poor man might become unemployable.

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