I’ve known people who fixed their finest moment, an apex of life when they played hockey in high school. Others have pegged their years in the Navy, college, or a professional career. I’ve always had hopes that they moved on to other personally significant moments in life but are not mentioning them because of modesty.
The people I’ve most admired in life move from high point to high point in life. The high points may be very modest, but the goals in their lives are constantly moving and are not static. For example, a prominent anesthesiologist I knew was dedicated to mastering watercolor painting. The best guitarist of my acquaintance was continually dipping into cookbooks to master new approaches to preparing food.

I don’t think there is anything wrong with being fond of past high points. However, holding them up as the ultimate in life is a bit limiting. It implies that the rest of your life was a giant extensive bore.
The goals do not have to be very high. The breakthroughs are personal rather than financial or career-making. And the sense of achievement is lasting but not limited, because you are moving on to the next waypoint in a prosperous life.

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