Stocking Stuffers

These cherry spoons and spatulas are stocking stuffers for my daughter-in-law and her mother. The cherry is our native Massachusetts stock with its distinctive coloration and grain. Making these allowed me to use the laser engraver to personalize the traditionally made treen.
I love combining the traditional with the high-tech. In this case, the combination works well.

4 Replies to “Stocking Stuffers”

  1. Wow! Stocking-fillers in the U.K. are usually cheap, bulky tat. When I was a kid, my mum would put Christmas crackers into ours (99% paper, 1% plastic, zero value for bulk).

    The idea of getting a hand-carved spoon fills me with absolute joy!

    1. Even the cheap stuff over here has gotten pricier in recent years. Christmas crackers never seem to have made much of a splash over here in any of the areas I’ve lived in. Too bad because they look like fun. I haven’t ever mentioned them to my wife because she always has a ton of confetti poppers at birthdays, and the confetti is around for months afterward.

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