Sometime around ten this evening, I’ll get the quart of egg nog out, have a slice of my rum-soaked fruitcake, and get cozy in front of the wood stove. It won’t be much before that time because I’ll be wrapping presents, digging through boxes for decorations, and trying to make peace between the cat and dog. Not much was possible earlier in the week as I rushed to finish things at work, so the Eve is going to be busy.

At least I won’t have to cook. I did away with that routine years ago. I’ve been buying a goodie here and another there for a week or two. The annual buffet will go together in about twenty minutes. Help yourself.

I’ve also decided to grace myself with an easy cooking routine for Christmas – steak tips. No roast, no elaborate fixings. Just steak tips, potatoes, and a salad. There are store-bought pies, whipped cream, and more rum-soaked fruitcakes for dessert.

Simple works fine on Christmas day. After the presents, It’s time to simplify and enjoy the day.

OK. Enough chatter. Where the heck did the Nativity scene get packed?

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