It’s a good time of year for acrimony. Yes, I know; it’s Christmas Eve, and many of us suspend feelings of ill-tidings. But you. The one who didn’t get the red fire engine for Christmas when you were nine. Try a bit harder not to make this year another fiasco.

Give it up, Will you?

5 Replies to “Tidings!”

  1. Sadly people who are determined to make things difficult don’t respond to requests not to. In fact, they probably gaslight you and tell you that it’s YOU who has the problem! Hope you and your gang have a Joyeux Noël. Louis Catorze send a “Mwahhh!” to Her Majesty and reminds her of their plans to attack at nightfall.

    1. Gaslighters should have a fire lit under them so we can watch them pop from their own gas!
      Lous – see Xenia’s message blow on the post!

  2. H.I.M. begs to remind her dear cousin that the surprise attack needs coordination. Please set your timepiece to eastern imperial time! “merrroop!”

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