Max Strikes Again

Max –
There I was, right in front of Dad. Taking one of my high leaps across the fence and into the woods. It was just a bit of mischief. OK, I was a bit frustrated that he didn’t get up when the kitty and I started serenading early this morning. But what’s the word kitty taught me the other day? Futility… yea, the look of futility on his face…wow! There I was, running in the woods. Remarkable!

Dad –
You little @#$$^& #$%^Y&(, You )(&^^% duped me! It’ll be a cold day in hell before you get trusted again. You drifty s$%t piece of R%%^&( I’ll teach you a lesson Q!!!!##$$%$#^$%&(&)*()(()++
and then no treats!

Max –
I’ll hunker down by the fire and get warm. I sure hope he doesn’t mean it about the treats. A dog gets hungry after a good run around.
I sure hope he’s not mad at me.`

6 Replies to “Max Strikes Again”

  1. No worries, Max. You know that saying, ‘His bark is worse than his bite’? Yup. They meant that for humans.

    1. HIM Xenia, has issued a stay of execution, and sentenced the Hound to dry food and water. “how dare he leave the imperial palace grounds without my consent!”

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