It’s renovation time at the house. We’ve worked backward through the house from front to rear over the past several years, trying to spruce up our 1900 vintage home. We have, at last, reached the back of the first floor. Like an archeological dig, the renovation revealed unexpected details, like an improperly supported ceiling and the need for additional joists.
Nothing in this house has ever been straightforward to fix, and we suspect that the motley crew that built it was continuously drunk.

The work we are doing dates from 1946 and includes the use of local newspapers as insulation.

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  1. LOL! Newspapers in ours, too — and black corrugated cardboard! It turns out our biggest insulator in that outside bathroom wall, though, was massive yellow-jacket nests. Inches thick, and halfway up the wall. Yuck! I hope you’re not finding those!

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