Our society is in a lot of trouble. You say, “what else is new?” No, I’m serious. It’s leadership or the lack of it.
According to some authors, there is a thing called the Dunning-Kruger effect in which otherwise normal humans grossly overestimate their abilities in areas where they are incompetent and try to run things. Do you say you’ve worked for a lot of bosses who are like that? Yeah, so have I. Not only are they boring, incompetent, and often foaming at the mouth, but they are socially obtuse and lacking in any filter – they say whatever comes to mind.

You know how it goes. Something is finally described in the literature, and we suddenly realize that the gal or guy two seats over are a raging Dunnings-Kruger wannabe just waiting for the chance to ruin the organization where we are working.

But wait. There’s still more. Unless you are an old fart like me, you may have missed much earlier reportage on the Peter Principle. The Peter Principle states that people will get promoted beyond their abilities to positions in which they will be incompetent.

See!!! We are screwed! Between the Dunning-Kruger effect and the Peter Principle, it’s almost certain that whoever we work for are dolts.

I don’t know about you, but I dread promotion. I’m not sure that I could work for me under those circumstances.

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  1. We are in trouble. IMHO…The people who believe in their own unquestionable competence aren’t as bad as those doing the promoting of them for their own selfish reasons.

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