Old toothbrushes don’t get trashed; they get second lives in the workshop. There, without too much ballyhoo, they clean out dust and chips from the inconvenient hollows and flats in a carving that you just can’t reach.
Since everything is available from some vendors as a specialty tool, I could buy a tool designed to do this challenging task. But, amazingly, this wonder of twenty-first-century technology can’t do the job as well as my old toothbrush. But, of course, this does not stop the tool vendors from trying to sell you their goods; nothing timorous about their approach!

3 Replies to “Timorous”

  1. Thank you Lou for this reminder. Old Toothbrushes very useful for all types of cleaning round faucets, pipes, corners, sinks even bicycle spokes and screws. Windy, rainy but warm here, lack of rain for agriculture, unfortunately. Weeding is becoming urgent as they are sprouting and taking root faster than we can churn them out.

    1. Snow is still covering the ground here. Somehow I delude myself every spring that the weeds will be that bad, but every august I seem to have lost the wager. Even in drought years.

  2. Yes! I keep old toothbrushes for cleaning also. I completely agree – they work so much better than some tools out there.

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