A lot gets said about disrupters these days. They break old paradigms replace the old with the new, and become obscenely wealthy. For those who protest, I’ve heard the term Luddite used.
The brash genius seems less concerned about the consequences of disruption than the sheer ability to disrupt, validate their self-image of deity-like strength, and then retire behind the high-walled garden that isolates them from the aftershocks.

I seem to recall behavior like this from when my children were toddlers. They were our little genii in constructing intricate constructions with Legos and Brio toys that had to be picked up at bedtime. The consequences of stepping on their unseen toys barefooted at night should be avoided. So as responsible adults, we taught our children to clean up the messes they created and face the consequences of leaving messes on the stairs.

But evidently, the brash genius disrupters never had those lessons or willfully continue to behave like toddlers and refuse to take responsibility for the mess they have made.

Now children, please clean up the mess.

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