Branding run amok!

Daily writing prompt
If humans had taglines, what would yours be?

Taglines for people? I’ve thought about this. You know – John “He goes with the Flow.” I think it’s the ultimate in making people into modern-day commodities. You treat them as brands.

It is probably a new ploy for brand marketers to make additional bucks running weekend seminars. Convince people that their business not only needs a brand identity, but they do as well. Let us see a corrupt politician: Kevin- corrupt leadership for a corrupt town. Nope, that’s too honest. How about: Kevin- the plain white envelope was only the beginning.”

As you can see, this is not my strong suit.

But there is humongous potential here. A vast marketing empire can be built, helping people apprise and sell themselves using persuasive, but probably misleading, taglines. So what if they are lies?

It’s just as Blackbeard the Pirate said, “A good dream is better than a shitty reality.”

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