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What brings you peace?

Peace. It’s that sometimes elusive part of our life that we always seem to pursue, especially if a cat owns you. Don’t get me wrong; I was always appreciative when Smidgen, our double-pawed, black cat, would wake me at six with accu-claw. All those claws digging in at once- who needed an alarm clock? After all, a cat needs her breakfast.

Xenia was more subtle – arias howled in the stairwell to entice me to get up. How can you be gruff when such sweet creatures are in pain because their essential needs are unmet?

Now Clancy J Bümps, AKA the Grey Menace, was very direct. At dinner time, if I was engaged in study, I was rapidly informed that I had committed a grave error by choosing not a cat but a textbook. Graduate work was fine, but at five PM, it was dinner time…or the leg would be shredded.

So peace, with a cat in the house, can be elusive. But after feeding, the kitty is all purrs, and peace reigns, until the next meal time.

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  1. my cats would just sit on my chest and stare at me until I stirred… if that wasn’t working, my Ash would lick the tip of my nose or my ear until I roused from my sleep

  2. I had a little cat named Reggie whom I loved and who loved me. He liked to wake me up in the morning. One morning I was slow and he bit all through the side of one nostril! Poor guy hit the ceiling (not hurt) and I went bleeding to the bathroom, bleeding and laughing, with Reggie right behind me. He was a wonderful sweet little guy.

  3. Great post and comments. Reading and my dog gives me peace. Exercise, especially riding my bike.

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