OK, so the gate had a bit of help getting open. Yes, I leaned against it, all 55 pounds of me, with just a bit of extra oomph to slip the bolt. Can I help it if you don’t keep up on repairs?

All I wanted was to run across the street to see my buds, Tony and Trey…OK, we going to head a few houses over to get Honey and Cooper, too. You know, get the gang together – ahwooooooo!! Howl a bit and harass the guys on the next street over.

You are such a party pooper! And we are not a gang!

We are a pack… Ahwooooooooooooo!

5 Replies to “Innocent”

  1. Hey Max–sounds like fun to us. And we never go outside anymore! What is their problem with realizing they aren’t part of the gang? We are the leaders of the pack–when are they going to wake up to that fact?! We wish you well in your endeavors. 😸

  2. “Hi Max — I got loose once. I hated it. Where was Martha? Where was Dusty? What in hell was going on? How could I guard my perimeter? Where was my perimeter? I went to the golf course. Maybe Martha and Dusty were there. Finally Dusty found me and Martha was there. I haven’t done that again. Your pal, Polar Bear Yeti T. Dog”

    Livestock guardian dogs will wander but they reach a point where they really wish they hadn’t. 😀 They don’t make friends, either, so, Max, don’t listen to Bear, OK?

    1. Too bad about not making friends. I just got back from a trip to Lowe’s where I met my buddies Prince and Roger. We tangled five humans in our leashes, spilled a bag of treats, and generally had great yucks at the expenses of the people . Bear, you don’t know what you are missing! It’s almost as much fun as chasing rabbits!

      1. Hi Max — Martha says I was wrong. When dogs come to my house through the front door with their people, I welcome them and share my food and take good care of them. I’m always happy to see them. Your pal, Bear

        Max, Bear has ONE job. Protecting me and Teddy from attack. Teddy would like to go roaming with you though. Your pal, Martha.

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