Step Down

Step down to my personal catacombs. I drag my hand along the stony side, counting the steps. Off to the right is a branching I love to explore; days along the coast, sailing, working on boats, and seaside with my wife.
A bit further along are memories of a misspent youth, fun too.

The problem is that the torches gutter and blow out at the lower reaches. These corridors I avoid. A whisper comes, “do you dare?”

4 Replies to “Step Down”

    1. The wonderful thing about personal catacombs is that they are a DIY project! No need to head to home depot or lowe’s, just hammer them together from random bits of trauma leftover from a life well misspent. Too much planning ruins the random surprises you can find when exploring. So no pencil and paper planning if you want a real treat. Just go for it.

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