A Saunter

January is ending on a howling note, but today I was allowed a saunter through my spring garden. The local conservation district’s native plant sale opened – at last. Long-anticipated this month and not a moment too soon as the blizzard howled outside. An investment now in a dream of spring.

8 Replies to “A Saunter”

  1. There is something wonderful about a howling blizzard even though it’s not the type of weather most people would choose. Here we just have unspecific, grey, dank meh. 😐

  2. Somehow planning our spring/summer garden while the snows and winds blow outside, lessen the effects…

    1. I need every boost I can get to get through January. In mid to late February I tap the maples for sap and boil syrup, in March I start spinach, broccoli, lettuce, and other crops that go out in the cold frames early. I stage things out as a means of extracting hope from otherwise sad ( for me) months.

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