Raised Beds II

Between deluges, I was able to assemble this new steel raised bed. It contains about 1.5 cubic feet of soil, and cost $300.00. I had to move some mature kale and Brussels sprout plants to install it, but they seem contented in the new home. Landscaping in front of the bed will be blocks and room for plants in containers.

I wanted something about waist height and around two feet wide, so weeding would be easy and no bending or on-the-knee work. I also like the deep soil column for deep-rooted plants and moisture conservation.

Two more of these are planned for spring. In some ways, it will reduce the amount that I can plant but make managing the plantings much easier.

There are several caveats: first, while one person could assemble and fill one, I advise having a helper; second, several brands are available. I feel that this is one product where reading the reviews is worthwhile. Mine is a Veggo, and I have no connection with the company and wouldn’t make an endorsement until I’d seen how well it would perform over a year.

I am working on season extenders for my cedar raised beds and will post about them as soon as I have something to show.

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    1. I regret that HIM Xenia passed in July. But soon a close relative will ascend to the august office of prince or princess imperial. What that privileged little sod will do for outdoor accommodations is anybodies guess.

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