I’ve known many people who need to come clean about the ’60s and ’70s. Come on, folks, your kids and grandkids won’t flip out when they find out that you wore a pair of love beads, gave the peace sign, or dropped a tab. Well, OK, if they are very conservative, you may have to go to counseling sessions. But in general, they’re likely to look at you with a new sense of discovery. After all, the most exciting thing they’ve done is attend college.

Let me pull on your chain a bit. If you actually want OUTRÉ, you need to back a bit further to the Beats, Folkies, the folk rediscovery folks like the Weavers in the Village, and people like Woody Guthrie. Go back a bit further, and you find Harlem roots, Jazz clubs, and the Lost Generation. Even further back and you see the Ur outer limits of the tribe – the Bohemians. Uh, you didn’t think that we just invented this stuff in the late forties, did you? So that’s the begats – just like Genesis but for Hippies.

So remember, a Hippie has an impressive cultural lineage. It’s not a shameful thing. Get out your love beads, snap your fingers and come back to the mothership! Don’t consult the oracle. Do something Other! https://onewomansquest.org/2021/03/01/vjs-weekly-challenge-dig/Dig?

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  1. Living in a country wear a haircut has been illegal for a year. I feel a bit like a hippie minus the beads just now! My grandmother was a hippy too. I know a lot of what she did and I never see it as a bad thing. Its rather interesting and fun actually. Great post, Lou.

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