My shop is mournfully calling for me. But the schedule to finish all the pruning and yard work is broken and needs to be fixed. I’ve chopped up all the small branches for composting in the new raised beds. I’ve put aside the larger stuff for making things out of – apple and pearwood can be useful, especially if worked while green. The scrap will be firewood. And there are bags of residue to be put out in large paper sacks for the city to compost; I can only use so much. All this in the interlude before I get serious fall leaves to reduce into compost for the planting beds.

The above is why the shop mournfully calls for me. Inside are bowl blanks, an eagle, some cutting boards, spoon and spatula blanks, small banners, and a few signs. I’ve worked on them all over the past three months but haven’t finished them. I am less than perfectly organized.

I am busy and a bit overwhelmed, but I am grateful that I am able.

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